Dark Horse Vineyard 'Exaltation' 2013


Dark Horse Vineyard 'Exaltation' 2013

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Exaltation; (noun)
-The collective noun for Larks
-The act of raising in rank, honor, power or quality
-The act of stimulating the imagination
-The act of intensifying a colour.

Our Exaltation wines are made only when the individual parcels of fruit are amazing enough to justify separating them from their parent batches at the crusher.

Inspired by the Super-Tuscan wines of Italy, this is a blend of Shiraz, Sangiovese and Merlot and is matured for an additional 12 months in large oak barrels. 
We release our Exaltation wines as 'ready-to-drink' reserves; this wine does not require extensive cellaring, however further time in the bottle will continue to soften and polish the palate, providing additional layers of complexity over 5-10 years.

750ml | 13.5% | 8.1 STD drinks

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