Lark Hill Vineyard was planted by founders David & Susan Carpenter in 1978. Their passion began with cool climate wines of Germany and France and so Riesling, Chardonnay & Pinot Noir were the logical first choices.

Lark Hill Vineyard is high on the Lake George Escarpment, from 860-880 meters elevation, overlooking the village of Bungendore. Ancient soils (350-450 million years old) are heavy in clays and shale, with quartz reefs adding minerality to the wines. 

In 2005, Lark Hill planted the first Gruner Veltliner vines in Australia here, adding a 4th variety to this high alitude site, and a new variety to the Australian market.

Certified Biodynamic from 2006.


Dark Horse Vineyard was planted in 2000, in the Murrumbateman sub-region of Canberra. It was purchased by the Carpenter family in 2011 and converted to Biodynamic farming immediately.

At 620 meters elevation it is lower and therefore warmer than Lark Hill Vineyard, suiting later-ripening varieties. Relatively recent (35 million years ago) deposits of Granite define this area and these deep, fertile soils are the basis of the great Syrah/Shiraz producing vineyards in this region.

Dark Horse comprises Sangiovese, Viognier, Roussanne Marssanne and Syrah, with newer clones of Sangiovese and Syrah introduced from 2011 when the Carpenters took ownership.

Certified Organic & Biodynamic from 2011.



Cool is the new hot, so we're told - but even if you're not into the hype then the Canberra Region still should be on your radar as the place to look for great vineyards, great varieties and great vignerons. Canberra Region is setting the pace for Riesling and Shiraz in Australia, and experimentation with alternate varieties and styles are disrupting the norm. 

We source fruit from great vineyards around us in the Canberra Region, and blend this with some of our Estate fruit to create wines that are just meant to be delicious without too much pretense or fuss.

This range is not certified Biodynamic, but we're working on it.